About Us

We are Regulatory Experts

Clients come to us with 3 key challenges High Regulatory Risk, Business Re-alignment and Regulatory Definition, because we are specialist.

We are specialists in helping business leaders re-align their business Regulatory risks, from re-aligning their Anti Money Laundering (AML) Risk Profile as AML Practitioners, to re-aligning third-party Risk as Corporate Trustees (for Payment System) providers and re-aligning Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology businesses with regulatory oversight as Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) Agents.


As Regulatory and Compliance Risk Experts, we are responsible for empowering our clients to Identify, Re-align, Investigate, Interprete and when necessary enforce their Rights through Research, Statutory Interpretation, and Relationship Management between Clients and Regulatory Bodies.


We envision a well managed regulatory and compliance risk landscape, empowering clients to identify, re-align, investigate, interprete and when necessary enforce their rights.

Our Team

Samuel Odeke

Director/ Corporate Trustee

Samuel Odeke boasts of over 25 Years as a Senior Banker across Corporate, Retail, Treasury and Management.

Floridah Oyungrwoth

Advocate of the High Court of Uganda

Floridah is our in-house General Counsel and responsible for Investigations, AML Training and Enforcement Practice.


Oscar G Ofumbi ACSI

Founder / CEO

Oscar is an AML Practitioner, a Blockchain Expert, and the Secretary of the Anti-money Laundering Practitioners Association (AMLPAL).